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Website Relaunch Update

Time for a quick update on the progress of the Maui Wall Candy website relaunch announced last month.

Um, it’s done. :)

How’s that for a quick update, eh?

The Real Update

Okay, kidding aside, here’s the recap of everything that’s gone into the last six weeks up to now:

  • Relaunched the website on the WordPress platform and dressed it up with a snazzy look from WooThemes.
  • I then went off and started development on the mobile App, hopefully launching soon.
  • As part of the mobile App, I hand-selected and re-edited all the images it’s set to feature at launch.
  • With those images ready, I also posted them to the Maui Wall Candy section of my online photo store.
  • As the images were added to the store, they were also featured on this website’s Gallery page, and on the home page as well.

And with the website Gallery section full of all the featured images for sale, the relaunch portion of the program is officially complete.

So What’s Next?

With all the housekeeping of the relaunch done, there’s actually only a little time to rest and admire results so far.

While anxiously awaiting App Store approval for the mobile App, the plan is to continue selecting more images to feature in the mobile App and on the website here as well.

I’m also planning to take many of the newly edited images and incorporate them into the Maui Postcards App and promote them in the revived Sunday Photos series at my original Maui blog.

And if that’s not enough, I’m also organizing photos for my 3rd installment of the Maui by Poster eBook series, which will sport a Road to Hana theme and include a little artistic spin thanks to a very neat iPad App I discovered last month.

That should keep me busy for awhile, no?

Stay Tuned

Obviously, if I can sustain the pace for the list above as I have for the relaunch so far, there’s a lot of exciting things to look out for in the weeks and months ahead.

In the short term, however, I hope to be announcing the official release of the Maui Wall Candy App soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for that announcement any day now (fingers crossed).

Until then, take a look around the new site here and let me know what you think. And if you really enjoy the images, I hope you head over to the online store as well to put some of that Aloha on your walls, too.

Many mahalos for stopping by,
– Kris

About Kris

Kris and his loving wife first visited Maui in 2006, and immediately fell in love with the island and the Aloha Spirit. A software engineer by trade and an aspiring photographer, the imagery Kris has captured during return visits to Maui have been shared on websites, blogs, eBooks, and even mobile Apps.

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