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7 Free Wallpaper Images Added

Waves washing ashore at Wailea Beach in South Maui with the West Maui Mountains in the distance.Aloha Maui fans, it’s time for another set of new wallpaper images for the Maui Wall Candy App.

And this time, all the new added images are free!

New Images Category

The seven new images added today are found in many categories, so to make it easier to find these new images, and those in future updates, I added a New Images category under the Wallpaper collection.

When you open the App, just tap Wallpaper from the home screen, and then swipe over to New Images to see the new images with this release.

About The 7 New Images

Seven new images were added, but you’ll only see 5 new images in the iPhone version and 6 new images in the iPad version.

This is because 2 of the new images added only work well on the iPad as wallpaper, while 1 of the new images is best used on the iPhone.

The other 4 added look just great on either device.

How To Get The Updates

As mentioned in the last update, these new images are automatically downloaded by the App. So, if you haven’t opened up the Maui Wall Candy App already today, just start it now and you’ll see the new images updated.

If for some reason you don’t see them, you can go into the Menu settings on the main screen and tap Reload Images to download the latest and greatest.

Version 1.0.1 Update Required

Download on the App StoreWhile the new images will download automatically, you do need to make sure you have the latest version of the Maui Wall Candy App installed in order for these and future updates to behave properly.

If you downloaded the App when it first came out but haven’t updated to version 1.0.1 yet, please head to the App Store and update it today. You can easily check the version of your App by going into the Menu settings on the main screen.

If you still see Version 1.0 listed, make sure you go to the App Store on your device and click the Updates tab, or visit in your mobile browser to open the update in the App Store.

New Image Previews

Below are a few previews of the new images added.

A kite surfing enjoying his craft just feet away from sharp coral hiding under the water's surface.
Kite Surfing

The tall windmills on the West Maui Mountain range overlook Kihei and South Maui down below.
Maui Windmills

A west Maui sunset descending behind the horizon over open water.
West Maui Sunset

Waves washing ashore at Wailea Beach in South Maui with the West Maui Mountains in the distance.
Wailea Waves

More Images Coming

I’m still trying to stay within that every other week schedule for release new images for the App, and a handful of images for the next update are just about ready to go already.

Be sure to check back here and on Facebook for more announcements.

Mahalo, and enjoy the new images.
– Kris

About Kris

Kris and his loving wife first visited Maui in 2006, and immediately fell in love with the island and the Aloha Spirit. A software engineer by trade and an aspiring photographer, the imagery Kris has captured during return visits to Maui have been shared on websites, blogs, eBooks, and even mobile Apps.

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