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App Update and New Photos Next Week

Along the RoadAloha Maui Fans!

Expect to see a minor update to the Maui Wall Candy App next week in the App Store, as well as a slew of new photos added to the App as well.

During initial testing for the first round of automatic photo updates in the App, I uncovered a bug that would cause some users not to be able to purchase the new photos after they were added, without first completely closing the App.

So, I’m submitting an update to the App Store for that and expect it to be available sometime next week.

New Photos Coming as Well

As mentioned above, the first round of photo updates for the App will also be available once the update is released.

As I’ve been working on the road to Hana edition in the Maui by Poster eBook series, I’ve had the chance to go through all of my Hana images for editing and selecting my favorites for this book and for the App, too.

So be sure to keep an eye out for those next week as well.

Mahalo for the Support!

I’ve been very excited to see so many downloads of the App in it’s first week in the App Store, and I wanted to say Mahalo to everyone that took the time to download and try it out.

I’m planning a segment on the blog here featuring the most popular images picked from the App, so keep those downloads coming and hopefully you’ll see your favorite featured here, too.

Have a Suggestion for the App?

Is there something about the App that you’d like to see better, or perhaps have an idea for a new feature you’d really like to see in the next update?

I’d love to hear it!

Drop me a quick note either here in the comments, or on the Contact page and let me know.

Reviews in the App Store

Whether you think the App is already perfect or it’s almost there, don’t forget to leave a review in the App Store to let others know what you think, and what you love most about it.

It’s fast and easy, and you can just tap on Rate this App in the Menu of the App itself to go directly to the Reviews section in the App Store.

Mahalo, and stay tuned for more updates,
– Kris

About Kris

Kris and his loving wife first visited Maui in 2006, and immediately fell in love with the island and the Aloha Spirit. A software engineer by trade and an aspiring photographer, the imagery Kris has captured during return visits to Maui have been shared on websites, blogs, eBooks, and even mobile Apps.

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