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Maui Wall Candy App Update Available

Sunset Cliff DiveAs mentioned last week, Version 1.0.1 of the Maui Wall Candy App is now available in the App Store.

This minor releases fixes two bugs that would prevent some users from purchasing images in the App, and you can see the full version history here.

If you had experienced issues with the App so far, this update should resolve those issues. I apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your continued support.

If you still run into problems with the App, please let me know and I’ll try to fix them as quickly as possible.

New Photos Coming

Now that these pesky bugs are out of the way, new images are right around the corner.

This first set of images will feature new photos from the road to Hana, and will also be Road to Hana Gallery page as well.

This will be the first of many content updates to come over the next few weeks and months, so you’ll want to stay tuned for more news as well.

– Kris

About Kris

Kris and his loving wife first visited Maui in 2006, and immediately fell in love with the island and the Aloha Spirit. A software engineer by trade and an aspiring photographer, the imagery Kris has captured during return visits to Maui have been shared on websites, blogs, eBooks, and even mobile Apps.

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