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New Wallpaper Images Available in App

Ho'okipa BeachAloha Maui Fans!

After the bug fix update earlier in the week and going through the steps and timing for the first content update for the Maui Wall Candy App, I’m pleased to announce that 10 new images have been added to the App.

How These Updates Work

The Maui Wall Candy App is designed to automatically check for new images once a day.

So, if you haven’t opened up the App today, give it a tap and the updates for the new images should be downloaded when it starts up.

If for some reason you don’t see them, you can either try again tomorrow or go into the Menu settings on the main screen and tap Reload Images to download the latest and greatest.

Version 1.0.1 Update Required

Download on the App StoreWhile the new images will download automatically, you do need to make sure you have the latest version of the Maui Wall Candy App installed in order for these and future updates to behave properly.

Version 1.0.1 was released earlier this week, and you can easily check the version of your App by going into the Menu settings on the main screen.

If you still see Version 1.0 listed, make sure you go to the App Store on your device and click the Updates tab, or visit in your mobile browser to open the update in the App Store.

New Image Previews

The 10 new images added to the App with this content update are are all featured in the Road to Hana category.

In addition to Ho’okipa Beach shown at the beginning of this post, here are a few more previews of the new images added:

Ocean Views
Ocean Views

Along the Road
Along the Road

Hana Sea Cottage
Hana Sea Cottage

Heavenly Hana
Heavenly Hana

More Images Coming

Now that I have a handle on the timing and review process for getting new images added, I’m happy to stay that I’m already working on the next set of images to be added to the App.

The goal right now is to release new images every other week, so be sure to check back here and on Facebook for more announcements.

Mahalo, and enjoy the new images.
– Kris

About Kris

Kris and his loving wife first visited Maui in 2006, and immediately fell in love with the island and the Aloha Spirit. A software engineer by trade and an aspiring photographer, the imagery Kris has captured during return visits to Maui have been shared on websites, blogs, eBooks, and even mobile Apps.

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