Privacy Policy – Maui Wall Candy App

As every App should, the Maui Wall Candy App has been developed with your privacy in mind.

There are no hidden agendas, no secret information gathering, or marketing ploys here that are going to compromise your privacy.

I hope you’re using this App because you love Maui as much as I do, and unless you choose to contact me and Talk Story about your favorite Maui memories, that’s really all that matters.

What follows is just the plain-English version of how privacy is taken into account in the Maui Wall Candy App. If you have questions or would like to see something clarified further, please let me know using the Contact Me feature in the Menu options or checkout the App website at for more contact options.

Information Collected

As stated above, I assume you’re a fan of Maui, and aside from that, there isn’t anything else about you I’m interested in knowing about you. In fact, the only information collected for users of the Maui Wall Candy App is whether you are using an iPhone, iPad or iPod, and which version of the operating system (iOS) you have installed.

This is done solely by the developer, and not obtained by or shared with any 3rd party utilities or analytics vendors used by other application developers.

And the only reason I’m capturing that information is so that I have a better picture of which new features from Apple I can support in future versions and Apps.

Email Messages

There are currently two places within the Maui Wall Candy App that you can create an email message from the Menu options.

  1. Share this App
  2. Contact Me

Share this App

When using the Share this App feature, you are creating a private email message to any contacts or addresses of your choosing. This is done using the built-in Mail application that comes with your device and not handled by the Maui Wall Candy App itself.

Any messages you send with the Share this App feature are never inspected, monitored, or saved by the developer of this App.

Contact Me

When using the Contact Me feature, you are creating a new email message with the developer’s email address entered in the Recipient field. By sending an email to the developer, you will be sharing your name and email address that you have configured in your Mail application.

There is currently no way to send an anonymous message to the developer within the App itself, but please check our website address listed in the About App section of the Menu options for more contact options.

Twitter Integration

The current version of the Maui Wall Candy App has a feature in the Share this App section of the Menu options that allows you to send a tweet with a link to this App in the App Store. This feature uses the built-in Twitter integration support for your device provided by Apple, and therefore no additional login or authentication is required.

Your Twitter account information is never shared, saved, or sent to the developer of the Maui Wall Candy App.

Facebook Integration

The current version of this App also has support for the built-in Facebook integration for Apple devices running iOS version 6.0 and later.

This feature lets you post a link to the Maui Wall Candy App in the App Store to your Facebook wall with the account you have configured in your device Settings.

As with the Twitter Integration notes above, this is all done through the Apple iOS integration features, and none of your Facebook information is ever logged within the App or shared with the developer or 3rd parties.

In-App Purchases

The ability to purchases images in the Maui Wall Candy App is developed using the App Store In-App Purchases framework.

This is functionality that Apple enables developers to integrate into their App, and enables users like yourself to make secure payments for content and features within an App by using your existing Apple ID.

This transaction, and the related payment information, is all handled by Apple and on Apple servers, and is never shared with the developer at any time.

Additionally, at no point is your Apple ID name or password ever shared with the developer of this App. Everything is handled automatically by Apple and the iTunes App Store settings.