Terms of Use – Maui Wall Candy App

By using the Maui Wall Candy App, you (the User) are agreeing to the following Terms of Use.

If you do not agree to these Terms, please exit the App and remove it from your device.

Should you have a question or need a clarification of these Terms, please contact the Developer/Photographer using the Contact Me option in the Menu settings.

App Usage

The images presented in this App are for entertainment and personal use only.

The User hereby agrees not to save, distribute, or otherwise alter these images outside the usage terms defined in this App, without prior consent from the Photographer.

Image Purchases

When you purchase an image in this App, you are purchasing a non-commercial usage license for that image. The Photographer retains all exclusive, ownership rights to these images, and purchases made in this App do not transfer any ownership to the User.

Free Images

Free images available in this App are governed by the same ownership and usage guidelines as purchased images.

About Wallpaper Images

Wallpaper images are downloaded in specific sizes based on the exact screen size of your current device, and therefore intended for very limited approved usage.

Because the User is purchasing a usage license, the User is granted access to all device-specific sizes of a purchased image. By design, however, the App will only allow the User to save the image size for the device the App is installed on.

To access an additional size for a secondary device, the User must install the App on that device and can save the image on that device without needing to purchase the image again.

About Digital Images

Digital Images are downloaded in a standard size regardless of device, and are approved for a larger number of uses than Wallpaper images are.

Using Digital Images in print publications, communications, or other physical uses – including making prints – is prohibited (see Prohibited Usage below).

Therefore, Digital Images are provided in 72 ppi resolution, which is generally considered unsuitable for printing.

Approved Usage

Free and purchased images in this App are all subject to the same non-commercial usage, and all exclusive rights remain with the Photographer.

The following list defines the approved uses for Wallpaper Images in this App:

  • To use as device wallpaper for all devices owned by the User.
  • To use as profile or avatar images on social media networks for personal accounts (business, organization, or brand pages, or non-personal social media accounts are not permitted)

The following list defines the approved uses for Digital Images in this App:

  • The same uses as Wallpaper Images listed above.
  • To use, unaltered, in digital media such as web pages, blog posts, and newsletters – with attribution to the Photographer.
  • To use as profile or similar style usages (i.e. Facebook Cover Photo) for non-profit or community-based organizations – with attribution to the Photographer where possible.
  • To use in personal slideshows, presentations, or similar – with attribution to the Photographer where possible.
  • To use in personal or academic art projects, or with other creative image manipulation Apps for personal, non-commercial, or educational use.

Prohibited Usage

The following is a list of prohibited uses for images in this App:

  • The User may NOT use these images in any printed form, whether commercial or non-commercial.
  • The User may NOT make printed copies of the images, even for personal use.
  • The User may NOT redistribute these images in any form – including social media status updates, photo sharing sites, or similar.
  • The User may NOT redistribute altered or derived works created from these images as their own creations.
  • The User may NOT use these images for commercial use in any form.

The above list is not an exhaustive list, and may be updated at any time and without notice.

If you have any questions about image usage, please contact the Developer/Photographer using the Contact Me option in the Menu.

Per-Use Requests

If you would still like to use any of these images for anything listed as prohibited above, please contact the Developer/Photographer using the Contact Me option in the App Menu.

Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, but under most circumstances, written approval from the Photographer for additional usage will happily be granted.

User Privacy

Your privacy is important and is taken seriously as a User of this App.

Please review the separate Privacy Policy section within the Menu settings.

Copyright Information

All works presented in this App are copyrighted material produced by the Photographer.

Please review the separate Copyright Notice detailed within the Menu Settings.