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The Maui Wall Candy website is just a taste of all the imagery available for purchase.

As all the photos showcased here and in the mobile App were captured by photographer Kris Nelson, these Maui Wall Candy prints are all sold through the Kris Nelson Photography online store.

Maui Wall Candy Prints

Within the Kris Nelson Photography online store, there is a dedicated section of all of the Maui Wall Candy galleries featured here at the website.

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As of early 2013, we’re in the process of relaunching the Maui Wall Candy collection.

While all the photos featured at this website and in the mobile App are already available to purchase online, we’re just getting started.

So keep an eye out for many more images available in these galleries soon.

More Kris Nelson Photography

If you’re interested in seeing more of Kris’ photography outside of the island of Maui, be sure to checkout his website at www.krisnelsonphoto.com.

When he’s not “Ka’anapali Dreamin’” about Maui, or visiting Door County, WI, Kris can often be found capturing portraits and other special moments of his growing family, as well as other endeavors.

Check out the full collection of his works away from the island he dreams of returning to some day.

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